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Complete Production

Your Benefits

Since combining stills & moving pictures we can afford the complete production from conception, planing, shooting to postproduction and finishing, mastering, delivering and more ...

Our Services


Need an image or movie but don't know how? We're helping. Tell us your needs and we build you a strategy.


We love to shoot! And we know:
Perfect Preparation Prevets Poor Performance!


After shooting we will push the best out of your footage.
We deliver Editing, TitleDesign, Retouch, MotionGraphics, VFX or complete Online-Service.



A full day shooting including equipment.
starting at (per day)
1,200 €


A full day editing graphics, video & audio including hard- & software.
starting at (per day)
960 €

Corporate Film // Commercial

An introduction to your company or set your product in scene.
starting at
9,000 €


Let us create a website including mobile solutions.
starting at
3,500 €

Print & Packaging

Starting from business cards to complex 3D-Print objects.

Animations, Motion Capture & VR/AR

Animations, Motion Capturing and Virtual Reality experience.

Photo, Audio & Video

Special audio environments or professional commercials recorded in our studio.

Individual Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.